Welcome to Oscar iskin

All of us, employees, co-workers and directors of Oscar Iskin have participated in the construction of the organization. We are now responsible for its strength and public recognition, as well as its future growth, just like all those who have worked before us; we all have much to be proud of.

The Oscar Iskin

Founded in 1942, Latin American reference in distribution of medical and hospital supplies, Oscar Iskin establishes strong relationships with customers and manufacturers, gaining the confidence of national and international partners, and it represents importants brands in the world market for decades.


Oscar Iskin believes that sustainable growth of the company is only possible within a common and balanced context of society and the environment. Therefore, we need to take on new behaviors and attitudes.

Integrity and Ethics

Oscar Iskin will not admit conduct and practices that can disrespect the dignity of the people, or cause damages to its clients, or to the environment, to public health and to the safety in the workplace.

Integrity Channel

The Oscar Integrity Channel Iskin is a secure form of communication that can be used to report situations contrary to the Code of Ethics and Conduct.


Oscar Iskin represents consolidated international brands in the Brazilian market, trading products that are distinct for their quality, innovation, investments on research and state-of-the-art medical technology.

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